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                                                                      Match results for Thursday 11/12/2014 on Acorn top lake

Only six turned up for today's match on the top lake. The weather did not look good but as the day went on it improved. People were getting bites

Fairly frequent through out the day but the fish were on the small side. Mike Chapman first place with 20 lb 12 oz on Maggot, second was John Barker with 19 lb 14 oz. In third spot was Simon Belcham with 13 lb 15 oz. The silvers top honours was taken by the expert Mike Chapman with 7 lb 09 oz. With Barry Fitchu in second place with 6 lb 11oz.
1. Mike Chapman 20 lb 12 oz
2. John Barker 19 lb 14 oz
3. Simon Belcham 13 lb 15 oz
1. Mike Chapman 7 lb 09 oz
2. Barry Fitchu 6 lb 11 oz

                                                                       Match results for Thursday 27/11/2014 on Acorn top lake

The weather was not a bad day for the eight people fishing the match today. John Barker is having a good run of form on the top lake and today was no exception taking first place with 17 lb. Barry Fitchu took second spot with 15 lb 14 oz. And the man with the whistle Mike Chapman took third place with 14 lb 01 oz. The silvers was won by Charlie Barnes with 7 lb 03 oz. John Barker was second with 6 lb 06 oz. With Eddie Wynne in third spot with 5 lb 05 oz.
1. John Barker 17 lb
2. Barry Fitchu 15 lb 14 oz
3. Mike Chapman 14 lb 01 oz
1. Charlie Barnes 7 lb 03 oz
2. John Barker 6 lb 06 oz
3. Eddie Wynne 5 lb 05 oz

                                                                         Match results for Thursday 13/11/2014 on Acorn top lake

Nine members braved the high winds to fish the top lake today. Geoff stones had the prime peg number one, as he was protected from the winds by the hedge behind him. Apparently he was catching all day (they say the devil looks after his own) to win the match with a total weight of 55 lb 11 oz. In second place was Mike Chapman with 25 lb 14 oz. And not far behind him in third spot with 23 lb 06 oz was everybody's favourite the apprentice Charlie Barnes. The Silvers Winner with 16 lb 09 oz was Geoff Stones. In second place was John Barker with 10 lb 09 oz. With Eddie Wynne taking third with 7 lb 12 oz
1. Geoff Stones 55 lb 11 oz
2. Mike Chapman 25 lb 14 oz
3. Charlie Barnes 23 lb 06 oz
1. Geoff Stones 16 lb 09 oz
2. John Barker 10 lb 06 oz
3. Eddie Wynne 7 lb 12 oz

                                                                         Match results for Thursday 30/10/2014 on Acorn top lake

Paste is still catching fish at Acorn. With this mild weather we are having the Fish are still feeding well with people catching on Paste and Pellet as well as the caster and maggot. Geoff stones seems to have taken a liking to peg 15 on the top lake as today was the fourth time in as many weeks he has drawn the same peg but you will not hear him complaining as he won the match today with 46 lb 03 oz. With Eddie Wynne taking second place with 43 lb 13 oz. In third place was Simon Belcham with 37 lb 12 oz. The Silvers was won by John Barker weighing in 17 lb 08 oz and Simon Belcham was second with 15 lb 04 oz
1. Geoff Stones 46 lb 03 oz
2. Eddie Wynne 43 lb 13 oz
3. Simon Belcham 37 lb 12 oz
1. John Barker 17 lb 08 oz
2. Simon Belcham 15 lb 04 oz

                                                                           Match results for Thursday 17/10/2014 on Acorn top lake

It turned out to be a dry day for Today's Match and the fishing was good for most considering the way the weather has been over the last week
John Barker had the best on the day weighing in 49 lb 08 oz to take first place. In second place was the apprentice Charlie Barnes with a very respectable 48 lb 14 oz ( Mainly Carp ) no time to sleep today then Charlie. Third spot was taken by the well known I only got a few Geoff Stones with 38 lb 15 oz. The Silvers Winner was Match Organiser Mike Chapman with 15 lb 05 oz. With Geoff Stones in Second place with 8 lb 02 oz.
1. John Barker 49 lb 08 oz
2. Charlie Barnes 48 lb 14 oz
3. Geoff Stones 38 lb 15 oz
1. Mike Chapman 15 lb 05 oz
2. Geoff Stones 8 lb 02 oz

                                                                           Match results for Thursday 2/10/2014 on Acorn top lake
The weather was good but the fishing was not easy, the fish didn’t want the baits. But Geoff ( I only got a few ) Stones Managed to win the day with
40 lb 1 oz, with Mike Wilson once again finishing in second place with 33 lb 14 oz. And Mike Chapman’s apprentice Charlie Barnes taking third spot
with 25 lb 7 oz. Charlie also took first place in the Silvers with 12 lb 13 oz.
1. Geoff Stones 40 lb 1 oz
2. Mike Wilson 33 lb 14 oz
3. Charlie Barnes 25 lb 7 oz
1. Charlie Barnes 12 lb 13 oz
2. Barry Fitchu 12 lb 6 oz
3. Bob Smith 10 lb 8 oz

                                                                            Match results for Thursday 18/09/2014 on Acorn top lake
1. Lee Waller 42 lb 7 oz
2. Harry Muir 41 lb 7 oz
3. Charlie Barnes 38 lb 9 oz
1. Barry Fitue 17 lb 2 oz
2. Mike Chapman 16 lb 1 oz

                                                                            Match results for Thursday 4/09/2014 on Acorn top lake

1. Harry Muir 54 lb 11 oz
2. Barry Fitue 22 lb 03 oz
3. T Martin 19 lb 04 oz
1. John Barker 19 lb 08 oz

Match results for Thursday 21/08/2014 on Acorn top lake
A wet and windy day for the ten people that fished today's match. The only mishap today was that Geoff stones did only have a few and lost three floats in the process. Harry Muir took first place with 56 lb 08 oz. Second with 47 lb 03 oz was Mike Wilson. And third was Geoff Stones with 45 lb 02 oz. The Silvers was won by Mike Chapman with 18 lb 09 oz with Mike Wilson in second place with 16 lb.
1 Harry Muir 56 lb 08 oz
2 Mike Wilson 47 lb 03 oz
3 Geoff Stones 45 lb 02 oz
1 Mike Chapman 18 lb 09 oz
2 Mike Wilson 16 lb

                                                                            Match results for Thursday 07/08/2014 on Acorn top lake

Thirteen turned up to fish today which meant nearly all the pegs were in. Harry Muir took first spot with 65 lb 10 oz. Mike Chapman was second with 45 lb 08 oz. And in third place was Geoff (I only go few) Stones with 39 lb 01. The Silvers was won by Barry Fitue with 18 lb 14 oz. And John Barker was second with 13 lb 09 oz.
1 Harry Muir 65 lb 10 oz
2 Mike Chapman 45 lb 08 oz
3 Geoff Stones 39 lb 01 oz
1 Barry Fitue 18 lb 14 oz
2 John Barker 13 lb 09 oz

                                                                           Match results for Thursday 24/07/2014 on Acorn top lake
It was very hot on the lake today with a Breeze off our backs witch meant no movement on the water. Apart from the top three weights being good the rest were very low. In first place was Geoff Stones with 56 lb 04 oz. In Second place was Harry Muir with 47 lb 15 oz. Third place was Mike Chapman with 46 lb 10 oz. Mike also took top spot in the Silvers with 14 lb 07 oz. With John Barker taking the runners up place with 12 lb 14 oz.
1 Geoff Stones 56 lb 04 oz
2 Harry Muir 47 lb 15 oz
3 Mike Chapman 46 lb 10 oz
1 Mike Chapman 14 lb 07 oz
2 John Barker 12 lb 14 oz

                                                                             Match results for Thursday 10/07/2014 on Acorn top lake
Another cracking day warm and dry. Top lake performed well again with good weights. In first place was the man with the whistle Mike Chapman with 55 lb 10 oz. In second spot was Mike Wilson with 48 lb 05 oz. Third was Geoff “ I only got a few “Stones with 37 lb 05 oz. And we thought we better mention fourth spot just to let you all know he is back from another holiday Bob Warren with 32 lb 13 oz. The silvers first spot was taken by Barry Fitue with 21 lb 08 oz. And the runner up was Keith Fisher with 14 lb.
1 Mike Chapman 55 lb 10 oz
2 Mike Wilson 48 lb 05 oz
3 Geoff Stones 37 lb 05 oz
4 Bob Warren 32 lb 13 oz
1 Barry Fitue 21 lb 08 oz
2 Keith Fisher 14 lb

                                                                              Match results for Thursday 26/06/2014 on Acorn top lake
The weather was on the change today and the water was looking clearer than it was on Sunday. Mike Chapman was eager to get going and blew for the start of the match at 9-50 which caused a bit of a shock for Charlie Barns and Barry Fitue as they were sat on the back of Charlie's van meditating and never had their nets in the water. The fishing was harder with the bites not so frequent as on Sunday but as the day went on the weights slowly built. In first place was ( I only got a few ) Geoff Stones with 44 lb Geoff was fishing paste down the right hand margin and out to the centre. Second was Mike Chapman with 43 lb 10 oz fishing paste. In third spot was Lee Waller with 40 lb 15 oz. The silvers honours were taken by Charlie Barns with 15 lb 15 oz.
1 Geoff Stones 44 lb
2 Mike Chapman 43 lb 10 oz
3 Lee Waller 40 lb 15 oz
1 Charlie Barnes 15 lb 15 oz
2 Barry Fitue 13 lb 15 oz
2 John Barker 12 lb 14 oz
                                                                                Match results for Thursday 12/06/2014 on Acorn top lake
There were 13 that fished the match today but the good weather made the fishing very hard with all species of fish not wanting to feed. Charlie Barnes struggled to keep awake in the sunshine. When he dozed off at one point a carp pulled his pole out of his hands and into the lake. His good friend Harry Muir had to go in up to his waist to retrieve the pole. Anyway down to the results.
1 Mike Chapman 31 lb 11 oz
2 Mike Wilson 30 lb 02 oz
3 Mike Jones 29 lb 05 oz
4 Andy Shields 28 lb 13 oz
1 Mike Wilson 15 lb 13 oz
2 Mike Chapman 13 lb 03 oz

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