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Singles Knockout 2015

Final   Results

1. Geoff Stones

2. Eddie Wynne

3. Colin Butler

4. Keith Ray

            Final Round for First and Second Place

Eddie Wynne      v        Geoff Stones                      Winner                  Geoff Stones

            Fish off for Third and Fourth Place

Colin Butler       v         Keith Ray                             Winner                  Colin Butler                                    

                     Fourth Round

Keith Ray            v         Geoff Stones                        winner                  Geoff Stones

Colin Butler        v         Eddie Wynne                        winner                   Eddie Wynne

                        Third Round

Ted Bethel         v       Eddie Wynne                             winner                  Eddie Wynne

Ian Cole              v       Keith Ray                                  winner                   Keith Ray

Steve Jefferies  v       Geoff Stones                              winner                  Geoff Stones

Colin Butler       v       Bill Ferris                                   winner                  Colin Butler

                         Second Round

Ted Bethel         v  Dave Blakemore                            winner              Ted Bethel

Steve Jefferies  v  Kevin Jefferies                              winner             Steve Jefferies

Ian Cole              v  Harry Muir                                      winner               Ian Cole

Colin Butler       v  Mike Lockier                                   winner              Colin Butler

Reg Graham      v  Keith Ray                                        winner               Keith Ray

Cliff Jenkins      v  Bill Ferris                                        winner               Bill Ferris

Eddie Wynne     v  John Baker                                     winner               Eddie Wynne

Geoff Stones     v  Paul Haines                                    winner               Geoff Stones

                           First Round

Charlie Barnes  v        Keith Ray                                 Winner                  Keith Ray

Bob Feltham      v        Mike Lockier                            Winner                  Mike Lockier

Bob Price           v        Bill Ferris                                 Winner                  Bill Ferris

Alan Smith          v        Harry Muir                                Winner                  Harry Muir

Cliff Jenkins      v         Keith Firks                               Winner                  Cliff Jenkins

John Tompson  v        John Baker                               Winner                  John Baker

Ted Bethel        v         Keith Fisher                             Winner                  Ted Bethel

Dave Gillard      v         Dave Blakemore                      Winner                  Dave Blakemore

Steve Wynne     v         Geoff Stones                           Winner                  Geoff Stones

Ian Cole              v         Steve Horsewell                     Winner                   Ian Cole

Colin Butler       v         Mike Chapman                         Winner                   Colin Butler

Bob Warren       v         Steve Jefferies                        Winner                   Steve Jefferies

Eddie Wynne     v         Pete Phillips                             Winner                    Eddie Wynne

Rex Davies        v         Reg Graham                             Winner                    Reg Graham

Kevin Jefferies v         Harold Wells                             Winner                   Kevin Jefferies

Paul Haynes       v        Dave Backon                           Winner                    Paul Haynes