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Singles Knockout 2019

                                                                    Winter Singles Knockout Rules

If anglers have not fished their singles match within the five weeks allowed as above the angler who has fished the most club matches within the five weeks of the round you were fishing will go through to the next round. If all else fails a coin toss will decide.

The Singles knockout organiser is Corruption Consultant  Eddie Wynne

Final Result

First           Keith Ray

Second     Eddie wynne

Third         Dave Stephenson

Fourth       Geoff Stones  

Winter Singles Final                                            Winners

Keith Ray              v  Eddie Wynne                     Keith Ray

Third And Fourth Place

Geoff Stones        v  Dave Stephenson              Dave Stephenson

Winter Singles Third Round                                 Winners

Geoff Stones         v  Eddie Wynne                     Eddie Wynne

Keith Ray               v  Dave Stephenson             Keith Ray

Winter Singles Second Round                             Winners

Geoff Stones         v  Dave Blakemore                Geoff Stones

Dave Stephenson v  Mike Teakle                        Dave Stephenson

Keith Ray               v  Steve Wynne                      Keith Ray

Mike Chapman      v  Eddie Wynne                      Eddie Wynne

Winter Singles First Round                                  Winners

Mike Chapman      v Bye                                       Mike Chapman

Dave Stephenson v Barry Counsil                       Dave Stephenson

Keith Ray               v Rich Heatley                         Keith Ray

Geoff Stones         v Bob Warren                          Geoff Stones

Steve Wynne        v Mark Walsh                           Steve Wynne

Mike Teakle           v Ted Bethel                             Mike Teakle

Eddie Wynne        v  Bye                                        Eddie Wynne

Brian Hadley         v Dave Blakemore                    Dave Blakemore

 Who Did this draw i think someones ears will be burning

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